Autonomy within voice range

Henry presents his mobile application

Today, 95% of seniors wish to get old at home. Bonjour Henry support them on a daily basis and provides support to caregivers.

Who am I

My name is Henry, I’m a voice assistant dedicated to seniors who are losing their autonomy. I was designed to bear them and allow them to stay active in their communication.

Thanks to my services, sending a message or calling your loved ones by video has never been so easy !

I also accompany caregivers, whether family or professional, in coordinating the daily life of their elders. I am there to support them in their role which can be very exhausting.

Mes guarantees

S e r e n i t y

Bonjour Henry will save caregivers time everyday in managing their elders !

S e c u r i t y

Henry never listens to seniors without their request. Hosted in France, its data will not be used.

S i m p l i c i t y

With its inclusive design and adapted to people in loss of autonomy, the voice assistant is easy to use.

The Bonjour Henry offer

Henry Assistant gives our seniors the keys of the modern communication and allows them to act on their own autonomy. It is composed of a tablet and a speaker designed specifically to meet the issues of age. Henry is ready to use, plug it in and let his voice guides you. Making a video call or sending a message will have no secrets for them !
Henry presents his mobile application
Henry Care is a web interface for caregivers, care managers or ESMS. It is connected to Henry Assistant and allow you to coordinate the daily life of one or several seniors. The tool helps you to manage the schedule and contacts of the person you are caring for, but also to consult his social activity and to send messages or video-conference calls.
Henry presents his mobile application

39,90 € / month

19,95€ per month after tax deduction


My Story

Founders of Bonjour Henry
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Our project has begun in 2017 when we wanted to give to the seniors the keys of the communication so they can remain actors of their own life as long as possible !


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